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Why Sell Now

Reasons to sell your Gold Now

1. Your Jewellery is damaged and broken

If you have earrings without mates, a brooch with a busted clasp, or a chain that is twisted and kinked, you may keep thinking to yourself, “Someday I’ll get this fixed.” If you haven’t done it by now, will it ever happen? You’d be surprised at the price of jewellery repair these days. The careful dexterity required as well as the relative softness of gold jewellery means a large bill for getting the damage repaired.

2. The Jewellery You Have is Out of Style

Most people have very selective taste in jewellery so finding a buyer for older, dated jewellery can be hard. It can be a tedious task to find a prospect for outdated jewellery and there is no guarantee you will ever find interested customers. At Jewels Planet, we are always ready to buy from you, and we don’t care about the condition or style of your old jewellery.

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