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Terms & Condition

Requirements for Use

You warrant that;
  • you are at least eighteen (18) years of age; and that
  • you are acting on your own behalf; and that
  • you have the appropriate authority to sell item(s); and that
  • the said item(s) are sold free of any charges, liens, encumbrances and claims of any nature and description whatsoever including those of any third parties; and that
  • the said item(s) are not derived from, or been created by, as a result of activity which is either illegal or immoral in either the jurisdiction of India or any other country; and that
  • you are the sole proprietor of any item(s) offered to be sold to justsellgold.in and the legal and beneficial owner in respect thereof. justsellgold.in reserve the right to ask you to provide documentation or other proof of such ownership.

Verbal Quotations

All valuations are subject to the gold item(s) being weighed and tested by us.

Gold Testing

It is important to note that we buy gold for scrap. During testing, we may file the surface of your item(s), cut and separate non-gold parts such as brooch pins and remove stones from their settings.

If, following testing, we determine an item is not a minimum of 8 carat (33.3%) gold, it will be returned to the customer.


To allow us to value your items, stones will be removed from their settings and other non-precious metal items will also be removed. You should understand that if you subsequently request the return of your items, we will be unable to re-set your stones or re-attach non-gold parts.

We pay you immediately with a cash or cheque, (the option is yours). We do require proof of identification before a transaction is finalized; we advise to bring your driver's license or Voter Card ID with you.

justsellgold.in reserves the right to return all items to the customer.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

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