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Sell Diamond Jewelry & solitaires

NOTE : Unlike Gold & Silver, selling Diamonds or Jewelry studded with diamonds may not be a good proposition. Diamonds are generally depreciated based on its cut, color & clarity. Please check with your Jeweller first before making any transaction. We purchase diamonds of FL, IF, VVS to VS in clarity & D,E,F,G,H colors having a Excellent to VGood cut.

We buy diamond jewelry, loose stones, solitaires on a conditional basis. We offer you a price only if we are satisfied with the cut, color, clarity & design.
Diamond certification must be provided for valuation, If you dont have the certificate we will evaluate it based on our experience. You may be asked to get it certified if the need may arise.
If you have a certificate please send a picture of the jewelry, certificate & bill on WhatsApp no.9540415615 or email it to info@justsellgold.in we will be able to confirm if we are able to give you an offer.

Diamond prices

Diamond is generally measured in carats, 1 Carat is equivalent to 10 cents or 0.200 milligrams. Depending upon the Cut, Color, Clarity the price per karat may vary. Diamonds are generally set in 14 or 18 karat gold, The value of the gold will be considered seperately for valuation.

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